Want to Bring More EA Sports games for PC

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When talking about gaming genre with a number of developers terminim this time, the sport deserve to go into those categories. Regardless of whether we are talking about football, basketball, American football, to baseball, developers are engaged to each of these variants can be counted on the fingers. The one that has the most solid lineup in this genre? Of course, EA Sports Madden NFL famous through, UFC, up to FIFA. Unfortunately, in spite of so many tempting titles, they seemed to prefer the console as the most important market. But this could still change in the future.


To date, the FIFA so the only title released EA Sports games for the PC. But openness to more products in the sports gaming platform is still open. In an interview with Game Informer, Vice President EA Canada – admitted that the option to bring the EA sports games to the PC is actually still open. It’s just a mirror of the response that is not too strong for the PC version of Madden in the past, EA chose to refrain. They now only need the right time for that, especially with the implementation of the Frostbite engine can be called as one of the most optimal engine for the PC itself.
EA expressed an interest to bring more of their sports games to the PC, especially with Frostbite, now a major engine.

Does this mean we will meet with Madden or the latest UFC series for the PC in the future? The possibility is always open during the release timing is appropriate and PC gamers demonstrated a strong interest.

How about you? Are there other than FIFA EA sports game you want to taste on PC?

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